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I make things lovely.

... a somewhat simple statement for a career having spanned 30 years passionately invested in design. I regard our world with an artist's eye... beauty and elegance found in the subtle nuance of line, shape, texture, hue and moments.  I embrace each one.


This is where true design begins... with an intricate understanding of emotion, the psychology of space and how one experiences it.  It is the foundation behind concept and the launching point for any successfully-designed space.


As a professional Interior Designer, I have designed both Residential and Commercial spaces: modern, contemporary, classic as well as traditional.  My portfolio consists of everything from new construction to renovations of existing spaces (kitchens, bathrooms, etc).  


I specialize in doing Room Makeovers (Decor, Colour, Lighting, Furniture Arrangement, Accessories), Home Staging  (prior to real estate listings, professional photography and open houses).  I've welcomed E-Design projects for clients near and far.  



Let's do something lovely.

I absolutely love what I do!   In fact, nothing thrills me more than to share the excitement of creating beautiful interiors in an affordable way.  

Not every designer room needs to be over-the-top expensive; and likewise, not every item you currently own needs to be replaced.  


The most thrilling design work encompasses the marrying of treasured keepsakes within a freshened environment while creating a space which feels like you...with that added "loveliness" from me! 


Gorgeous interior design need not be costly and neither should working with an outstanding designer.  


 Candis Noble; Interior Designer ~ Specializing in Residential Interior Design; Real Estate Home Staging; Renovation; Space Planning and Color. Conceptualization and Articulation, Design Drawings, Layout/Space Planning; Drawings: Perspectives, Floor Plans, Elevations, Details, etc., Materials, Color/Aesthetics and Interior Decoration, Lighting Design, Furniture Design, On-Site Supervision, Staging and Placement.
E-Design, Interior Design Online

While my style is sumptuous, I design for my clients' tastes and their respective needs. Function is paramount to anything I design. Whether Modern or Classic, Sumptuous or Seductive, Traditional or Trendy... the spaces I create will be eloquent. They will speak to you without saying one word.


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Computer E-Design, Online Interior Design Consultation
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