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E-Design is an exciting way we can choose to work together no matter where you live.  I'll provide you with all you'll need to successfully implement my designs at your own pace. The stressful decision making will be taken care of for you.  We'll collaborate personally and, honestly, have a lot of fun!


Wherever you live, whatever your budget, with E-Design, we can work together to create  lovely rooms in your home that feel just as extraordinary

as if I'd been there to personally place each object!

E-Design Computer Interior Design Services

Loveliness By The Room and Loveliness à la Carte are wonderful options and are designed to focus my services within a variety of needs and budgets. 


Listed are the various E-Design services I offer. Please refer to the specific E-Design (at the right) for complete information as to which services will be provided for each design.


Concept & Materials Board(s) 

Furnishings, Materials, Fabrics, Colours, Wallcoverings, Window Treatments, Lighting and Decor


Product Specifications & Sourcing Board 

Shopping Source Guide (local and online)


Floor Plan Layout & Sketches or Elevations 

Drawing showing furniture arrangements, placement of accessories, etc.


Perspective Sketches/Renderings

3D Drawings; Kitchens only.


DIY Guide 

The "how-to" guide for implementing your lovely design!


*Important: Not all the above services are  included in each E-Design Package. 

How do we begin?

Working with me on an E-Design Project is not only simple, but it is also a lot of fun!  


Email:  We will connect via email where I 

will send you a brief questionnaire asking you pertinent questions about your space.  


You'll provide:  Photos and measurements of the space we are to discuss along with any additional information relevant to the space we will create; wish lists, constraints, budget, etc.


Consultation:  We'll arrange a time to consult via FaceTime, Skype, or Phone to discuss our

project one on one.  We'll talk about your likes and dislikes and how you and your family will use your space. We'll talk concept and function.  We'll fantasize a bit...and we'll likely enjoy a laugh or two.  This will be fun!


Timing:  Depending on which E-Design we're doing, the time-frames will vary. Typically they will take between one and three weeks.  We'll discuss your timing needs during our consult. 


Delivered to your email:  Upon completion of your E-Design, you'll receive all applicable Drawings and Design work directly in your email inbox!  It's that easy!  What are you waiting for?

How do I pay?

You may pay quickly and easily for your E-Design via PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards.(Visa, MasterCard, etc.).  


Upon receiving your Book this E-Design request I'll send a PayPal invoice and upon receipt of its payment, we'll begin right away! 

Will I be thrilled?

While I will do my best to satisfy your design needs, there may be a need to swap out one item for another, or make other slight modifications.  If for any reason you feel dissatisfied in any way or require an item reselect, please do not hesitate to contact me.  It will be my pleasure to work with you to ensure your happiness.  


*Please note  however, that due to the nature of  the work, all Interior Design Services and E-Design Services are non-refundable.

May I buy an E-Design as a gift?

Absolutely!  Simply choose the E-Design Package which best fits your recipient, and I'll create a lovely personalized Gift Certificate and send it directly to both of you.


Not certain which one to choose?  E-Design Gift Certificates can be made in any specific dollar amount.  Simply contact me and I'll be happy to accommodate your Gift Certificate needs.

Let's Talk Lovely

$120.00 us (one hour)

Something's missing.  Your room is not working.  Or, maybe you don't quite know where to begin? You don't have to do it alone.  Let's Talk.  We’ll delve through your questions and get your design thoughts organized into concrete lovely solutions you can do yourself!


Includes: 1 hr Consultation only, via FaceTime, Skype or Phone and prior email discussion of project with any images, notes of interest and questions so we may make the most of our face-to-face consultation.


*Longer Consultations may be booked at the following pricing:  $165.00 (1-1/2 hrs) and $200.00 (2 hrs)

Paint It Lovelier

$280.00 us (one room – two colour palettes)

Ready to repaint your room but finding the perfect shade of loveliness a little daunting?  What about choosing that fabulous accent colour or finding that perfect white...finding it difficult to decide on your own?  


Includes:  1/2 hr Consultation, Two (2) fresh Colour Palettes, Wall/Finish Specifications, Benjamin Moore colour reference numbers. *No floor plans, no concept board.


*Additional colour palettes for adjoining spaces, hallways, etc. if needed may be included at the rate of $120/hr.

*Benjamin Moore paint specified exclusively; I will not recommend nor specify any other paint brand or computer colour-matching.

A Lovelier Layout

$280.00 us (*one room – 2 to 3 Floor Plan Layouts)

So your space is nothing if not challenging to layout.  It's just a little too wide there and not quite long enough here. You need to seat X number of people and nothing is feeling right.  Need my help?  I'll draw your space to scale and layout your furnishings giving you at least two viable options...and more importanly make sure you know "why" one may be your best solution.  


Includes: 1/2 hr Consultation, 2-3 Floor Plan Layouts.  *No Concept Board or Source Specifications.


*This option is for basic room layouts; bedroom, living room, den, office, dining room, workout room. Does not include Kitchens nor Bathrooms.

Lovely Arrangements, Your Decor... A New Look!

$280.00 us (one room – many options)

Do you have a lot of paintings, collections, art and accessories but don't know how to arrange them?  Maybe you wish to freshen your existing look with the objects you already have without buying new?  Move this here... and that...well it goes there!  Group those like this and...we need to edit that! We can change your look without spending money on anything new... You have "stuff" so let's play with it!


Includes: 1/2 hr Consultation, Sketches and Elevations.  *No floor plans, concept board,  product specifications or DIY guide.

A Lovely Idea

$580.00 us (one room – developed concept)

You want to do your own thing.  There isn't much to do by way of arrangement.  Your sofa can only go there and you're dealing with limited layout possibilites, but you need "the look".  You need A Lovely Concept! What direction should you go?  Modern, boho, alfresco...and which colour direction; taupes, whites, oranges, aquas, greens, reds or pinks?  If you'd love a fresh current concept and a new exciting direction, A Lovely Concept is for you.


Includes:  1/2 hr Consultation, Concept Board, Product/Paint Specifications, DIY Guide. *No Floor Plans.

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The Complete Lovely Package (one room)

$980.00 us

Need the whole package? This package price is for you! We'll work via Email and Consult via FaceTime, Skype or Phone for an hour, after which I'll provide you with a Concept Board, Layout Drawings and Elevations, Perspectives as necessary, Paint Colour Palette, Materials and Furnishings Specifications and Directions on how to pull it all together... real savings for a completely finished look! 


Includes: 1 hr Consultation, Concept/Material Board(s), Product Specifications & Sourcing Board, Floor Plan, Elevations (as needed), DIY Guide (as needed).

Bathe In Loveliness (one bathroom)

$860.00 us

Bathrooms are a thing of beauty... places to relax and unwind after a long day.  Their design is more than merely fitting a tub, water closet and sink within a space.  They all may fit...but to create a magical space where the stresses of the world melt away takes a designer's touch.  Why not Bathe In Loveliness!  


Includes: 1 hr Consultation, Concept/Material Board(s), Product Specifications & Sourcing Board, Floor Plan, Elevations (as needed), DIY Guide (as needed).

Cook-Up Something Lovely

$1480.00 us

Ahhh, Kitchens~ the heart of the home.  When entertaining, it is the place in which (like it or not) everyone winds up socializing. Kitchens today take on so much more purpose than they did years ago... and we've all become much more chef-savvy! While beautiful, these spaces are only efficient when function is at the forefront of any Kitchen Design.  It is not about selling you as much cabinetry as can be stuffed in your space; nor is it about doing what's always been done.  Let's Cook-Up Something Lovely together!


Includes:  Two Design Consultations via FaceTime/Skype/Phone, Concept/Material Board(s), Product Specifications & Sourcing Board, Floor Plan, Elevations (as needed), Perspective Rendering, DIY Guide.

Choreographed Loveliness – Staged To Sell

$480.00 us (*and up)

You're listing your home on the market.  Your realtor wants you to edit your space, making it less personal and more appealing to prospective buyers.  The psychology of space has a huge impact on how people "feel" when entering your home.  Properly choreographing a home is more than simply staging it.  We'll go room by room to get your home ready to be shown.


Includes: Two hours of Consultation (broken up into two meetings) via FaceTime/Skype/Phone, DIY Guide.


*Initial pricing includes general expertise and instruction for each space of the home.  If drawings or paint colours are needed, they will gladly be provided at an additional rate of $120/hr.

Decked-Out In Loveliness

$680.00 us (one deck or pergola)

You're building a deck or a garden pergola but need a custom design that works with your home, your look and your garden landscaping. I'll design a deck or garden element perfect for your needs.  I'll provide you with all you'll need for your beloved do-it-yourselfer at home, or your existing contractor.  Now, let's get you all Decked-Out in Loveliness! 


Includes: 1 hr Consultation, Floor Plan/Layout, Elevations.



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Loveliness By The Room

E-Design Interior Design By Room Layout Kitchen Bathroom

Loveliness à la Carte 

What might I receive?

What is E-Design?

What is E-Design?



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