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Montréal & Surrounding Areas

If you live in the Montréal area or happen to catch me when I'm visiting the southern states, I'd love to meet you to discuss your design needs. Additional detail about each personalized service are listed below.


Real Estate: 

Decluttering, baking apple pie, and lighting candles are all well and good, but they are mere tricks having little to do with properly staging a home to sell both quickly and at top dollar. 


"A properly-staged home is not fluff; it is serious. And moreover; it is business. So, let's get down to work and make you some money!" ~Candis Noble

Did you realize that a professionally- staged home prior to its listing is able to bring in roughly 3% more than it's anticipated selling price? Let's do the math: Should you choose to dedicate $3,000.00 to stage your home, and it sells for $500,000.00 you will have earned $15,000.00 for the effort!

As a Professional Interior Designer  I carry an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the elements of design and most especially in translating the Psychology of Space with the people who will experience it. My years of education and practice in interior design; creating distinct experiences in mood, flow and perception, have always been conceptually focused, functionally-applied and goal-oriented.  Our goal here? sell your home at the best price possible by designing its appeal to the broadest range of individuals, accenting its strengths and creating a stir of excitement... 


"A deliberate quiet seduction of the senses."

~Candis Noble

Shopping, Makeovers and Consultations... Oh my!

What fun it is to get together for a day of purposeful shopping, finding bargains for that special place 

needing just the right thing... or, on other days, plundering through your attic and cupboards to find new uses for stored treasures.  


In fact, I regularly schedule consultations, room

makeovers, and shopping days for those quick fixes we all need once in a while. Let's connect!


My strength is desiging lovely interiors within

limited budgets... creating happy spaces with a touch of the unexpected and a dash of the utterly dramatic!

I'm not particularly interested in predictable design choices where each element or hue perfectly matches.

I will show you how we will create your perfect space, reflective of you... made over, current, and fresh. I know you will love what we create together!


Colour and Aesthetics:  Perhaps you need a completely new look.  It is time. You're ready. New colours, furnishings, lighting and accessories... it all must happen. I will create a concept and palette which flows throughout your home, balancing each

element, giving the finished look your professionally-

designed home deserves.


Space Planning and Layout:  You need a floor plan... will everything fit?  Finishing that rec room or basement? How do you lay it all out, create circulation, flow, and conversation spaces? I will be happy to help you navigate the possiblities and provide all necessary drawings to help you visualize your finished space.


Renovation Design:  I also specialize in renovation design work.  Let's get together and talk about your project.  I'll be happy to guide you through the process and design your space, supplying you with the necessary drawings and specifications you and your contractor require to exact a wonderful result!


Exterior Design Detail: Ah, the lovely outdoors... our decks and gardens have become our places of refuge after a long day.  That wonderfully-functional deck with space to barbeque and dine with ease is a mere design-decision away. A stunning garden element to sit beneath the stars on a warm summer's night isn't merely a thing of dreams. Why not have me design that perfect deck or garden pergola of your dreams!






Interior Design Consultation: On Site and In-Person – Residential and Commercial

$125.00/hr CAD (4 hr minimum)

In-house Design Consultation; let's get together and discuss everything and anything design!  I'll be happy to  answer all your design questions and provide you with the tools you'll need to successfully move forward with your design projects for a fabulous outcome.

1 hr – $120.00/hr Design Consult for large projects (kitchen, bathroom, renovation) Design Consult fees will be waived should we decide to work together upon our signed design agreement.


*3 hr – Three Hour in-home consultation where we'll discuss overall design concept-development, strategy, colour, placement and flow... We'll fit as much design-talk in as we can, with ideas, sketches, how-to's, etc... Let's roll up our sleeves and get to it!

Colour, Concept and Aesthetic Development

$125.00/hr CAD (4 hr minimum)

  • Design Consultation – Aesthetics/Concept Development

  • Colour

  • Fabric, Paint, and Wallcovering

  • Custom-Furniture Design

  • Window Treatments

  • Accessories

  • Lighting

  • Placement/Staging

Let's Go Shopping!

$125.00/hr CAD (4 hr minimum)

Want to shop at discount bargain stores yet with the help of my professional eye?  Not sure if that lamp you love will work? Let's go shopping together!  We'll pull your room together in no time with accents and accessories to freshen your look in a day.  Do you love Structube, HomeSense, Winners, Marshalls, Ikea, Estate Sales and yes, even Varagesale?  Why spend more when you don't have to. I specialize in creating designer looks within limited budgets.  Not every item needs to be costly to make a dramatic design statement. Whether at discount stores or high-end designer boutiques, we can shop 'til we drop together... picking up just the right "je ne sais quoi" for each room in your home.

The "I Have Great Stuff – Let's Show It Off" Makeover... Before et Voilà~ahh!!!

$125.00/hr CAD (4 hr minimum)

Let's play. We'll rearrange your existing, lovely furnishings, decor and accessories without buying anything new! You have great stuff. Let's show it off! Whether for a day or two, or an entire week, we'll have fun playing in all your hidden treasures; collections of furnishings, art, and accessories which are begging to be arranged and displayed in a fresh and current way! Having a special party or changing your rooms for the season? Let's get together and decorate with a new and unexpected touch.  We'll play with what you have and give your home a fabulous makeover... Before et Voilà~ahh!!!

Space Planning and Design Drawings~

$125.00/hr CAD

  • Design Consultation

  • Concept Development

  • Circulation and Flow

  • Layout

  • Design and Detail Drawings

  • Sketches, Floor Plans, Elevations, and Perspective Renderings

Real Estate Interiors~ Staged To Sell

Starting at $2500.00 CAD and up; $125.00/hr CAD

Prior to Photography, Listings, Open Houses, etc., Professionally Choreographed or Staged homes are estimated to bring in roughly 3% more than their anticipated selling price. It is a fabulous investment, highlighting your home's assets in the best light possible.


  • $750.00 – 3 hr Consultation only; Personalized Worksheets, DIY Instructions, Skype/FaceTime Follow-up

  • $2,500.00 –  $3,800.00 (typical homes); Full Personalized Staging

  • Intricate and/or Larger Homes; Full Personalized Staging individualized pricing.


Each of these packages includes:


  • Design Consultation; The Psychology of Space

  • Visual Continuity, Assessement, Goals, Worksheet, Guideline

  • Space Planning & Layout – Hands on

  • Colour & Aesthetic Development (paint etc. as needed)

  • Placement of Furnishings and Decorative Accessories – Hands on

  • Rental of Props (as needed, additional cost)

  • Procurement of Tradespeople (as needed)

Interior Renovation

To be discussed; $125.00/hr CAD

  • Design Consultation

  • Space Planning and Layout

  • Design and Detail Drawings

  • Custom Cabinetry - Furniture Design

  • Materials and Specifications

  • Drawings, Floor Plans, Elevations, and Perspective Renderings

  • Lighting - Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Colour and Aesthetics

  • On-site Placement of Accessories

Exterior Design Detail

$125.00/hr CAD (4 hr minimum)

  • Design Consultation

  • Flow and Articulation

  • Deck and Patio Design

  • Pergola Design

  • Design and Detail Drawings: Floor Plans, Elevations, and Perspective Renderings

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