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Concept Boards, sometimes referred to as Colour Boards, Mood Boards and Material Boards, are an integral part of any interior design.  And while each has unique qualities, quite often they blend together as is shown in these Concept Boards of mine. 


They may start out as mere inspiration; an image of a peacock for instance. Or they might have fantasy imagery, a historical reference, or even a song. 

Whatever a designer chooses to call them, they are fluid, changing, and always seem to evolve into something quite magical. They are the starting point, not always translated into a finished space, but oftentimes they are.


Vision transforms into reality turning inspiration into concrete furnishings, paint chips, flooring materials, fabrics, window treatments, accessories etc.  


In the A Feathered Inspiration Evening Room above, my designer's fancy indeed took flight!   Each element was mindfully chosen to evoke the subtle imagery and emotion of this elegant creature. Truly one of my E-Designed favorites.

A Feathered Inspiration – Evening Room – Concept Board

Peacock Concept Room Interior Design E-Design Aqua Turquoise
Hand Sketch Candis Noble Interior Design
Bedroom Sea-Inspired E-Design Midnight Seascape

Midnight Seascape  (left) was inspired by a mere vision; a dream. Imagining the moonlight dancing a top the waves, I wanted to design a restful and quiet elegance with shimmering moments and natural hues.


The facility to hand draw is one of the most valuable assets that any designer can possess. CAD drawings absolutely have their place, however, when inspiration strikes the ability to sketch thoughts quickly is of enormous benefit.  Drawings, in all forms, are communication.  


Below is a fast little 3 minute sketch I did while sitting in a client's bedroom discussing her en suite.  It quickly showed her the direction I wished to take her space.

Hand Perspective Rendering Kitchen Design Candis Noble E-Design

To the right is a hand-drawn kitchen design and perspective I drew at the drafting table.  This is done to proportion, however it did take a little more than 3 minutes to draw.


CAD drawings (left), while inordinately useful, leave me feeling rather ambivalent. Their seemingly impersonal perfection can at times create an emotional disconnect, particularly in residential spaces.  For this reason, I choose to incorporate them sparingly in my residential design work.  

Midnight Seascape – Concept Board





Computer Rendering Drawing Candis Noble E-Design Interior Designer
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