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Why not take a peek at my canine designs at  As well,  you can find Posh Pawz® and Candis Noble Design on Facebook!  I would certainly welcome designing for your furry loved ones just as much as designing  for your lovely home.

Let's do something, lovely.

Montreal Designer Dog Collars Candis Noble
Posh Pawz Collars As Art Sighthound Dog Collars
Greyhound Saluki Martingale Collars Elegant

One of my other design passions is to design haute-couture for dogs.  Having had two whippets a few years back, I fell in love with designing elaborate collars and accessories for my own dogs, which expanded to my designing elegance for all dogs both large and petite. 

Posh Pawz Luxury Dog Couture Martingale Collars Greyhound

I design for dogs!

Whippet Martingale Collars Luxury Canine Couture

Sumptuous and elegant, my designs intertwine fantasy with history.  I embrace the opulence of rich, classic materials artistically combined to create a dramatic yet functional design.


I design for all breeds of dogs, but certainly do specialize in Sighthound designs.  Whether a delicate crystal necklace or a collar sturdy enough to hold back a Great Dane, I can design the right collar for your dog with a look that is rather extraordinary... 


I'm all about that :)





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