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  • Candis Noble

An Inspired Design

Inspiration in interior design; a bird, a piece of jewelry, an emotion, a place and indeed a work of art can come from a wide variety of sources. This lovely buddha, a muse if you will, is a wonderful example of a stunning piece of art around which an entire room concept can be designed. It holds an abundance of design elements from which we can draw.

Certainly it holds an asian reference, but to create a room merely embracing that one element, is rather pedestrian, if not predictable. There is far more inspiration to be drawn from this exotic and elegant piece.

Look at the hues... the neutral greys, browns and warm accents of gold, tangerine and emerald. We can embrace the wonderful crackled textures of the skin and the beadwork on the crown. These types of elements might be nuanced within our space.

The soft scrollwork of the dress and the soft flowing silhouette of her lines evoke peace and tranquility. These lines will be reflected in our choices of furnishings and various other design elements within our space.

Her pose is relaxed and contemplative; her mood serene... more references from which we can draw even more inspiration. Do you hear the background music or the tone of her voice? Imagine it for a moment.

The gold and jewels sparingly accenting her attire, allow for our considerate use of reflective surfaces as accents within our space... punctuation within our exotic dream.

Creative concept is the first consideration when designing any space and it is such an exciting place to start! It is where we as designers dare to dream. Think about your dreams when considering your next room makeover. Ask yourself, what your creative conceptual element will be. Is it something tangible or emotive... a reverie or even a place in time.

Inspiration is limitless. Dare to dream within your interiors... the end result is certain to provide delight!

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