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“Je cherchais à donner de la vie à quelques pièces de ma maison et j’ai fait appel à Candis Noble qui a donné du caractère et du style à mon salon, ma salle à manger et ma chambre à coucher et ceci avec un budget restreint.


Elle a tout réinventé tout en gardant le mobilier existant. Elle a su se servir d’accessoires pour redonner aux pièces un caractère chaud et convivial. Les couleurs, les accessoires et l’agencement dans la chambre à coucher dégagent un bien-être et un confort moral et physique. Candis est une personne joviale et intègre et toutes ces rénovations on été faites dans l’harmonie et le plaisir.


Je recommande à tous ses services que ce soit résidentiel ou commercial.”


S. Brunelle

St. Lazare, QC



“Candis Noble was instrumental in transforming our sales and marketing offices in Montreal. It was upon the renewal of our office lease after ten years that we decided a few leasehold improvements were in order.


Over the years our marketing team had grown and we had added cubicles and offices as needed.  Ms. Noble made us see the jumble we had created and applied her talent to smoothing it out by a careful choice of colours and materials.


Fabric dividers were recovered, carpeting upgraded, pieces of furniture we refinished and fresh paint applied, all to great effect.  Note that this was accomplished within a modest budget as we were able to upgrade what we had.


The end result was not only fresh and elegant, but perhaps more importantly, Candis Noble created an attractive and soothing environment, for everyone to work in.”


P. Flaherty

Vice-President Sales and Marketing

Reynolds Aluminum Company of Canada

Montreal, Canada

 "I have met Candis personally, she is not just a designer she is an amazing human an a big inspiration for who ever have the opportunity to meet her, she is unique, I was blessed just to talk to her."

J. Gomez

St. Lazare, QC

"Dear Ms. Noble,


May I congratulate you on your most impressive website, and with the design inspiration you are graciously providing. Everyone should be so lucky to have your services available to them. I certainly was with the Master Ensuite Bathroom that we so continue to enjoy EVERY day! Words cannot express how thankful we are!"


S. Lepage

St. Lazare, QC

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