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 Candis Noble; Interior Designer ~ Specializing in Residential Interior Design; Real Estate Home Staging; Renovation; Space Planning and Color. Conceptualization and Articulation, Design Drawings, Layout/Space Planning; Drawings: Perspectives, Floor Plans, Elevations, Details, etc., Materials, Color/Aesthetics and Interior Decoration, Lighting Design, Furniture Design, On-Site Supervision, Staging and Placement.
Sumptuous. Eloquent. Lovely.
E-Design Interior Design Master Bathroom Modern E-Design Professional Designer Candis Noble
E-Design Floorplan, Layout, Interior Design Bathroom

"Many of her pieces had stories behind them; they had been gifts with memories from moments past. These elements turn a space into an experience, keeping it personal while giving it life, energy and interest. Those touches; the

paintings, pictures, moments and memories are

as important in your space as that fabulous new chandelier. These are the things to be embraced. These are the things I embrace.  And, these are the things that cannot be bought."


~Candis Noble is a career Interior Designer and Luxury Real Estate Broker  with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Québec, in Greater Montréal , West Island and Off-Island surrounds.

Professional Interior Designer E-Design, Candis Noble


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